Wolfgang Spitta


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Short term coaching appointments

In acute personal crises, I will make an appointment at short notice and without complications.

Call me at +49 (0) 177 73 55 111, or send me an email.

We can have virtual coaching sessions virtually from everwhere ;-)




My working languages are German and English.

As an external Staff Counsellor for the UN in Bonn I am experienced in

working with people from different countries and different cultural backgrounds.

About me:

If you want to solve inner and outer crises and conflicts, I am here for you.

My part of the responsibility lies in the joint search for a solution.

Your part of the responsibility lies in the implementation of the solution.

Who I work with:

I support people who want to develop their potential,

Who want to overcome crises and solve conflicts,

Who want to develop their personalities and grow as whole people.

How I work:

Solution-oriented, which means that I want to find a solution with you.

Resource-oriented, which means that I look at what strengths and abilities you have within you.

Occasion-oriented, which means that I take your specific problem seriously.

Doing everything that is necessary through small, effective, short measures, because small is beautiful.

Helping you to help yourself in order to make me dispensable as a coach as soon as possible.

With common sense and life experience.


What defines me:

Genuine interest in the personal development of my clients.

Getting to the heart of the matter quickly.

Clarification and simplification of complex contexts.

I encourage and am warm-hearted and humorous.



You are free to decide whether you want to make a direct, personal, or a virtual appointment.

However, if geographically possible I recommend to make the first appointment as a direct, personal appointment.

The fee is 150€ plus VAT per hour (60 minutes)

I will be happy to provide you with an invoice, which you can claim for tax purposes.